About the Author

About the Author

author Arwinder Kaur

Arwinder Kaur

Travelling the world in my youth was the best education I could have received. I learned many important life lessons about what it is to be human and how differently this is defined depending on where one happened to be born or raised. How different it is depends on gender and race. What is considered “suffering” or being “free” has as much to do with one’s external circumstances as what goes on internally in our hearts and minds. What are rights and privileges, and are humans really entitled to everything we want? These questions and the truths I acquired have been critical in providing me what I refer to as a “compass for the soul.” Find the kernel of simple truths through the clutter. A lack of moral clarity that makes living in our ever-increasing world so chaotic and confusing for those who have lost their compass or never realized there was one.

I have dedicated my life to giving to those around me. After attending SFU, I became a social worker specializing in the area of child welfare for almost 30 years. I hope that, in sharing my writing, others too may find it a comfort to have a compass to help navigate their lives as humans on this planet.

I believe in the power of words. I have come full circle. After reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn in 1994, I was propelled into ecological activism  and writing Living While Human. I hope my words might inspire others in some manner, to act for the protection of the natural world.

This is my first writing project. I am childless by choice. I live with my genius dog Monty, near Vancouver, BC. I am also passionate about music, art and tennis.